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In November 2016 Howard County voters passed Ballot Question A establish a new way for candidates to run for office – the Citizens’ Election Fund. Now, the County Council has filed CB30 to establish the Citizens’ Election Fund program. This program will empower citizen voices in County campaigns, and reduce the influence of big-money corporations and developers. It does so by allowing candidates for County Council and Executive who opt to rely on small-dollar donations to qualify for limited matching funds. In exchange, candidates must agree to turn down all large contributions and contributions for corporations, PACs, unions or other non-individuals.

By passing Question A, Howard County voters joined Montgomery County in leading the charge across Maryland to restore our democracy and elevate the voice of voters. Now, it’s up to the County Council to pass CB30 to establish the Citizens’ Election Fund program.

Here are the details:

Policy Description: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwfmQ1SLVgQrQlNuSkJma2NDeE0/view?usp=sharing